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Established by the Laine family in 1988 as a wholesaler specializing in fruits and vegetables, OÜ Karlskroona has since diversified its operations beyond this initial focus.

Over two decades ago, Karlskroona started strategic investment activities, channeling retained earnings into a diversified portfolio encompassing listed equities, private equities, hedge funds, and real estate.

Today, Karlskroona leverages a dedicated approach to managing its global portfolio, ensuring a comprehensive strategy across all asset classes. This commitment extends to both public and private investments, aligning with the company’s pursuit of diverse and robust investment opportunities.

Recognized for its strong financial position and stable balance sheet, Karlskroona serves as a trustworthy partner for both its customers and suppliers.

OÜ Karlskroona is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veikko Laine Oy.

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